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Barium Stearate Manufacturer

HI-BAST is the brand name of Barium Stearate which is produced by innovative direct reaction itself and is characterized by its high degree of purity compared with the products of wet process. Especially, it has good for initial coloring, excellent heat stability, high transparency and good insulating properties as well.
Chemical Structure
BA(C17H35COO)2 (CAS Number : 6865-35-6)
Appearance White Powder Melting Point(℃) 210±5
Metal Contents (Ba,%) 19.0~21.0 Moisture(%) Max 1.0
Free fatty acid (%) Max1.0 Particle size distribution 95.0% up pass on 200mesh sieve
- Having good transparency and heat stability on processing at high temperature
- Good thermo-resistance synergy effect using in combination with Zn-St, Pb-St, Cd-St
- It can be applied as packaging material for food (Non- Toxic) using in combination with Zn-St, Ca-St
- It is suited for using high speedy calendar caused by high melting point
- Having good activity, insulating properties and reduced Plate - Out
Applications TDS MSDS
- PVC-Rigid Pipe, Window Profiles, Flooring Tile, sheet, Leather
- Soft transparent Film, Sheet, PVC Compound for Electric Wires and Cable
- Masterbatch, Paint, Rubber, Lubricant and releasing agent for Plastics
Barium Stearate Manufacturer
20kg Kraft paper bag

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